Company Background

National Mortgage & Finance (“NMF”) was founded in 1929 to make personal and business loans to Hawaii residents (mostly immigrants and minorities) that had trouble obtaining conventional financing.  In 1936, NMF acquired International Trust’s property management department and in 1974, National Mortgage Real Estate Company (“NMREC”) was formed as a subsidiary of NMF to focus on residential real estate management.  In 2005, the company acquired a vacation rental company operating out of Discovery Bay called Hawaiian Properties and renamed NMREC to Hawaiian Properties. The company has been in the property management business continually since 1936 and is Hawaii's oldest and most experienced property management company.

At Hawaiian Properties, Ltd., our focus is on the unique needs of each and every one of our clients. We strive to offer the most professional service possible, with a special emphasis on quick response and attention to detail. We take seriously the legacy of trust from our founder Masayuki Tokioka and are committed to the values of fairness, honesty, responsiveness and reliability which he demonstrated every day.


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