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At Hawaiian Properties our focus is on building and maintaining relationships through preparation, diligence and a sense of ‘ohana that transcends mere property management. We bring aloha to every property and person we touch.
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Here's what our clients have to say...

Working with Hawaiian Properties over the last 4 years has been a real pleasure and a complete, measurably improved experience over our prior big name management company. The relationship is highly professional, effective and transparent, back office services are solid, and our representatives are extremely competent, highly responsive, hands-on, always willing to listen and learn and very easy to work with on the full spectrum of tasks.

When the Royal Gardens AOAO Board made the choice to replace their long time managing agent with Hawaiian Properties, the new team did an impressive job transitioning all aspects of fiscal and association management. Thanks to their hard work, advance preparation and professionalism the transition was seamless and painless.  As a director on various association boards throughout Hawaii, I have been particularly impressed with our Property Manager who works tirelessly for the board, as demonstrated by his unflagging responsiveness and professionalism.  I highly recommend Hawaiian Properties as a condominium property managing agent.

Hawaiian Properties consistently provides timely and accurate financial reports and has recommended the initiation of higher level financial controls than had been in place in the past, further adding value to the services they offer.
The property manager from Hawaiian Properties has not only provided the guidance and tools for the Finance Committee to develop an accurate budget, but is also providing tremendous guidance and support for our Board.  Our prior managing agent failed to provide timely and accurate information.  Hawaiian Properties, Ltd. is on time and answers all of my questions in a timely manner.  The property manager from Hawaiian Properties, Ltd. aggressively followed-up with our collection attorney on our delinquencies maintenance fees.  Our delinquent amounts have been reduced more in 12 months then in the past 3 years.  We have one statement that best describes our relationship with Hawaiian Properties “Why did we wait so long to make the change?”  We highly recommend Hawaiian Properties!

Thanks for your very capable assistance with our annual meeting last night.  It was quick, organized, and well done!

As President of the Board, I wanted to give our Property Manager a shoutout for the awesome work that she provides for our Board and owners of the Bougainville AOAO.  Our Property Manager has always conducted herself with professionalism, pride and dedication.  I really appreciate what she does for our AOAO and I REALLY appreciate working with her over 10 years which allows me to sleep well at night knowing that she is at the helm and knowing that I can reach her 24/7 if an emergency comes up.  She is always on top of things.  I never have to track her down for an update because she beats me to the punch and provides the much needed follow-ups so that I am never caught off guard or blindsided.  Once again, we thank our Property Manager for bringing her multi-tasking skills which are always exceptional.

Our property manager has been with Kai Lani for almost one year. He is an outstanding communicator and very quick to respond to issues. His advice is sought often and he is highly respected by all directors for his frank and clear assistance. I understand he has a number of properties but with the speed and efficiency that he assists us, one would think we were his only client. He has helped us to navigate some complex matters with relative simplicity. We are very lucky and appreciative to have our property manager and look forward to many more years of his assistance.

It is a pleasure to work with the accounting department at Hawaiian Properties. They are very responsive to any questions we have. They are very timely in paying our bills and very accurate with charging costs to the proper account/code. The financial statements we receive are detailed yet very easy to read and understand. Well done!

The board at One Waterfront Towers has been thrilled with the service provided by Hawaiian Properties since we transitioned to them in October 2020. Our property manager spent countless hours and demonstrated incredible patience in helping the board completely reformat our budget and budgeting process for 2021, and he never hesitated to make the time and effort necessary to ensure the board's success. We look forward to a continued productive relationship with Hawaiian Properties into the future.

Recently our AOAO decided we needed to make a change with our homeowners association management company after 40 years with the previous firm we employed.  After extensive research, we decided upon Hawaiian Properties to represent us.  I'm so glad we did. They provide excellent attention to detail, local representation, and a wealth of association and management experience.  It's been a wonderful experience working with Hawaiian Properties.

It’s been about a year that Ho’okumu at Waikele has had the pleasure of working with our Property Manager. Since her arrival to our complex, things have been organized, bills paid on time, and we receive quotations in a timely manner. She has made my work easier due to effective communication between her and our Board of Directors.

 Some of the projects we have done this year are:
  1. Emergency repairs to 9 staircases
  2. Replacement of all staircases for 13 buildings
  3. Replace fence slats
  4. Repair/replace damaged gutters
  5. Repair/replace rotten roof rafter
  6. Replace damaged gate valve in owner’s residence
  7. Repair/replace clogged gutter downspouts at N Building
  8. Remove bird nest in attic
  9. Clean gutters
  10. Clean dryer vent
  11. Snake out plugged sewer line at F Building
  12. Wellness check on unit who did not answer repeated calls
  13. Repair location board at front of complex.
These are only some of the projects done on our complex and there are more.  She is a valuable asset for Hawaiian Properties and I am appreciative to have her on our complex.

We have never been in as good a place as we are with our property manager. When she first sat down, I presented her with a list of the things that would be most helpful for us to get off the ground. She has filled, and continues to fill all of our requirements several times over.  We thank her for the years of quality service, exceptional equanimity and effectiveness as our Managing Agent. While experience certainly counts in this day and age, “heart" like she has, is one of her most endearing and valuable qualities.

Our Property Manager has proven to be very knowledgeable and professional.  She and I have developed a good working relationship and I have to say, she is the first Property Manager that I can discuss matters honestly and frankly with.  She has taken the time to familiarize herself and get up to date on all the projects, issues and concerns with Kalakaua Sands.  She also responds promptly to any issues/problems that come up.  From day one, of my meeting with our Property Manager, she has made it clear, that I should not hesitate to call her.  I also appreciate that she keeps me informed if owners call her directly and have issues that may impact the Association.  She keeps me in the loop!

Thank you again for assigning our Property Manager to Kalakaua Sands.  The Board and I look forward to working with her in the years to come.

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